Duopoly Can’t See

Duopoly can’t even think about rigged polling machines, much less speak up and do something about it. Privatization, like a stake through the heart of citizenship, proprietary private vote counting software!
That and Duopoly “Reps” all having mostly the same owner-operators are all we should hammer on. They are the core of a deep illegitimacy and break with the social compact that the “powerful” cannot look in the eye, unless you count the guys who run Diebold et cetera. The only things that even come close are quantitative easing, too big to fail, borrowing our money from bankers so they can borrow it back to us so we can borrow some from them, sometimes (The Fed.), corporate rights, petrochem subsidies, spending all our money on mass death, and that little rapidly shaping up to be the worst mass extinction event thingy.
The Green Party has it in our Platform: http://www.gp.org/what-we-believe/our-platform/17-platform/37-i-democracy

1. Democracy 
A. Political Reform
1. Electoral Reform …..
“2. Reducing corruption and promoting good government
a. Develop publicly-owned, open source voting equipment and deploy it across the nation to ensure high national standards, performance, transparency and accountability, and use verifiable paper ballots.
b. Establish guarantees that every citizen’s vote counts, and that all U.S. voting systems — including electronic ones — are verifiable, transparent and accurate.”

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Robert Reich on Citibank Settlement

Citibank stock bounces immediately following pittance settlement advocates more of same.
The settlement is 1.4 percent of the bailout taxpayers gave Citibank, much less compared to the greater costs to us all of the crimes.

The Justice Department will announce today a $7 billion settlement with Citigroup for its role in duping investors into buying defective fraudulent mortgage-backed securities that contributed to the near meltdown of Wall Street six years ago. This will be played in the media as a big victory for the Justice Department but it’s actually the opposite because: (1) $7 billion ($4.5 billion in cash and $2.5 billion in various nice things like financing affordable housing and modifying some homeowner’s loans) is a pittance compared to the money Citi rakes in. In just the second quarter of 2014 its revenues were $20.5 billion. Its stock price is already up this morning. (2) Citi doesn’t admit any wrongdoing, so the settlement doesn’t clear the way for other plaintiffs injured by Citi’s fraud. (3) The Justice Department will forgo any potential cases against Citigroup over collateralized debt obligations (complex deals the bank sold in the years before the crisis), where Citi’s fraud caused major losses. And (4) not a single Citi executive will go to jail. So why the giveaway to Citi? Is it because (a) Citi spent $3.7 billion on the best corporate defense lawyers money can buy, while Justice has a small and relatively inexperienced team? (b) Citi’s current and former executives include people who served at the highest levels of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administration? (c) Citi is a major contributor to both the Republican and Democratic parties, and to their former and upcoming presidential candidates? (d) Other?

Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the Internet

Mostly about the “new” Brit bag o tricks, for the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) within the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).
https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/07/14/manipulating-online-polls-ways-british-spies-seek-control-internet/ or https://t.co/CONEjDSNF9 or http://interc.pt/1qapjz7
Important info you should need to know. It’s not about privacy.

It’s about knowing how to resist manipulation and jamming of collective dialog and action.
Need to know what’s happening to others to be an astute political animal? Fearlessly assume they are watching you? Trying your best to be the canary in the coal mine? READ THIS!

Or not, if it’s just going to make you afraid and angry to know? you probably don’t need to.
If you’re afraid, hateful, angry, or just worried about being a target? seeking or following a leader or representative? one owned by Megacorp? you’re already sidelined, no worries.

Snowden files: Manipulating polls, netting from LinkedIn and YouTube in GCHQ’s bag of tricks — RT News
Snowden files: Manipulating polls, netting from LinkedIn and YouTube in GCHQ’s bag of tricks — RT News

More Bang For the Buck gp.org

Volunteer door knocks and phone calls, not a thing of the past, continue to become ever more the strongest ways to spend political money. Now we also have the internet, FB, and texting, where volunteer hours also pay off better in Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts than slapping down bucks for negative ads and robocalls (the fewest votes per buck). Several studies have shown this in the past couple elections.
This is a meta study, a study of studies http://gotv.research.yale.edu/?q=node/10  
Fight the agenda of those who choose to spend on campaigns that make people want to stay home.
Learn to run on people power by not taking corporate money, learn how many people understand the issues and will share a smile when shown a possible solution or alternative they did not know about.
Learn to gather petition signatures, learn to run a campaign, learn to run so that you may teach others, learn to run so that you may run. Learn how to do it in open, consensual, transparent, leaderless ways, and help us learn to do it better, and share the skills. Start @ http://gp.org
or https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=study+most+cost+effective+gotv

Authority and We

Government, corporations, and institutions in general, have your authority, only at your will. The social compacts have been grievously and repeatedly broken by those who benefit ever more and more disproportionately and disastrously.
There is little excuse that collectively we are not more engaged, we have never had it so easy to build alternative ways to live and govern ourselves together.
It is only a matter of time until we realize we don’t believe this anymore.
It would help if more of us had something better to offer.
Seeking consensual self governance online requires new easier, more open and collaborative forms of communication. For starters, we need to poll ourselves better to get to know what we all agree on.
Things like GPS decision taking systems, and open source project management, cultures like Wikipedia, and co-op collectives, show the way, but have yet to reach critical mass.

Imagine Thinking Critically

We’re all born capable of critical thinking.

Takes a lot of work and frustration to believe/learn/teach not thinking critically, it’s hard and entirely illusory.

That said, most of us ARE “well” trained and domesticated.

And many who are armed with academic, institutional, or ideological, reason and logic, are more filtered and dangerous than reasoned and connected.

We earthling vertebrates, we critically think.
It’s snivilization that’s broken, not real people or puny humans.

The only thing keeping the fragile illogical imaginary monster robots in control is your imagination. It’s your’s, take it, make it, use it. Be the imaginations we need.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” A Einstein

“There’s nothing that so needs fixing as other people’s sins.” — Samuel Clemens (“Mark Twain”)

It’s hard when your whole life it seems to be going backwards, but that’s just the machine.

The giant imaginary machine is smashing itself, it’s only made of beliefs.

I don’t believe in it, and neither do you.

We’ve made progress, the people don’t believe in the machine either, but they believe it runs our world, something it fails miserably at everyday.

This is an unsustainable situation, completely out of control and wrecking itself, held up by our frustration way beyond any stability.

All you gotta do is not believe it anymore.

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Filters, Envelopes, Tekhnologia, Scienceartcraft, Frustration and Entertainment

Talking to someone wearing a filter of their profession, class, nation, politics, religion, high school, college, knitting, birding, whatever… I mean like someone with just one or two of them, is always frustrating for those of us who seek to see through every filter, and all filters, beyond filters, into reality herself, and beyond any envelope.

Having a discussion of economics with anyone who can only see what they have been shown in a certain way is a one way valve on a narrow info pipe. This makes it easy to see when you’re your done, THEY are empty. (helloooo! anybody in there?)

After that frustration is likely if you are not in it for some third party. Then it can go two ways. When that happens it is also good to take note to be away as soon as YOU are empty.

Unless you’re me, I guess… It takes a while to frustrate me with explanations of ephemeral or emergent properties and abstractions, as long as we talk tools scienceart-tekhnologia, not just “entertainment”, or “sport”.

In either case, let your frustration go.

If it’s still there glowering at you. GO AWAY FROM IT.

Patience is a virtue.

Pursuing a conversation out of frustration is not.

Believe me, I know. By now, I almost like it, as long as no one gets hurt.

All it accomplishes though, is to entertain us, with sport and/or art, and practice or refinement of one’s technique, where grace is all, and frustration beside the point.

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Limited Time Offer!!!

Take advantage of this opportunity recently offered by The Supreme Court! It’s the perfect way to help yourself while helping our Lord, while getting paid to boot! Join the inner coven, The Disciples of The Prophecy of Our Covenant and Corpus, before we decide exactly how to handle noob initiates.
I need someone to play the roles of Secretaries, Vice Presidents, and High Priestesses, for my two new companies and my two new religions.
If you seek to qualify for Discipleship and a chance at being High Priestesses, Vice Presidents, and Secretaries, please submit also one or more of the following: a story that makes this crap seem like it makes sense, better shorter name(s) that have a good acronym that fits in well with our story, promotional materials, and/or fun rituals and extraneous titles to tie it all together.
I also need ground floor benefactors and workers.
Leave your name, number, and email below.
If you qualify, we will notify you when we have an opportunity for you to invest or a starter level pray at home opportunity or contract.

First, I will found The Christi Corpus Science of The Resurrection and Insurrection Church. I will be The Prophet and The High Priest. It will mainly have just two tenants. We will believe that Christian Scientists got it mostly right, but for the name of Being Supreme, and the core essential nature of taking prayers.
We will believe that The Allness put us here to take jobs from The Maker, to pray to Our Lord Allness, and to tithe The Maker and The Christi Corpus Science of The Resurrection and Insurrection Church in thanks for The Lord’s benevolence. Only a corporation can be a Maker, and it must be privately majority owned by the Prophet, High Priest, and President. Not a publicly traded, nonprofit, nor co-op may it be. To truly be part of The Corpus of Our Coventry, The Maker must tithe at least 10% to The Christi Corpus Science of The Resurrection and Insurrection Church.
If one prays enough to The Allness and The Maker in the manner of giving a weekly thankful tithe, deducted monthly by convenient low cost automatic withdrawal, and The Christi Corpus Science of The Resurrection and Insurrection Church, while boosting the prayers of priests, The Maker officers, and supervisors, with their registered at The Maker votive offerings, one will remain healthy and strong, guaranteeing many fortuitous promotions.
Prayer is what Allness made the Universes for, so he could design us to pray to him and beseech his benevolence to lessen our pains and suffering.
Prayer is labor that anyone can provide. Those who need work may do prayer, and those who need prayer may pay for such.
Wherever possible, labor, prayer, and/or workers shall be referred to as taking or taker.

Second, The Corpus Unlimited Insurance Co will be founded. It will hire temp. agency services to provide prayer for those who believe in The Christi Corpus Science of The Resurrection and Insurrection Church, or any who have similar beliefs in regard to health care and prayer.
Wherever possible, labor, prayer, and/or workers shall be referred to as taking or taker.

Third, The Maker Co. will be founded. It will specialize in providing an unskilled and/or handicapable labor force of the chronically unemployed trained as expert prayer takers. We will also market our service to anyone seeking general low skilled or/and low impact work at home laborers.
We will attract new workers by publicizing the relative ease of getting hired and doing the work, as well as the likelihood of working for oneself while working at home in your free time.
The Maker Co. will be a fervent believer, and sub-prophet, of The Christi Corpus Science of The Resurrection and Insurrection Church, and will tithe at the level of 15%.
It will buy health insurance from The Corpus Unlimited Insurance Co, which will in return provide the prayers of The Maker Co takers to ensure they remain as fully healthy and strong as The Allness may intend.
Wherever possible, labor, prayer, and/or workers shall be referred to as taking or taker.

Forth, once the operation is up and running for a while, we found another religion. The Church of The LightMaker does it’s best to make sure the only safety in our world can be found in being a member of The Christi Corpus Science of The Resurrection and Insurrection Church, or The Church of The LightMaker. It will be the anti-The Christi Corpus Science of The Resurrection and Insurrection Church, and it will be modeled on Satanism’s demonization of the Pope’s deity enemies and beliefs.
It will cannibalize all the modern monotheisms, turning good into naughty and naughty into good. Creative science, music, and dance will be the only prayer or work allowed, an adherent is also allowed to perform renting of, or investing in, solar, wind, or other sustainable energy sources of electrical power and/or open source web server hosting and/or other open source cloud services as well as organic growing and creating permaculture for oneself and one’s local community. Everything possible will be crowd-sourced.
LightMaker himself will essentially hold the same belief system as The Allness and The Christi Corpus Science of The Resurrection and Insurrection Church, but will nonetheless claim to be it’s opposite and opposing force. LightMaker’s devout will insist on praying only for themselves, and that no other prayer is without sin. They will refer to each other as ubertakers and will aspire to be ubertaking 24/7.

Surely some very enterprising applicant for the discipleship lottery will find a way to expand upon this and become High Priestesses and VPs?
To buy the pamphlet that can give you the edge, with free button and bumper sticker to help promo our Kickstarter campaign, click on the shopping cart button after registering below.

The Church of The LightMaker will then spin off anarch Co-Ops and consensus seeking crowdsourced arts.

this started like this:

I believe I will start a labor rental service that believes in Christian Science, and a health insurance corp that covers all kinds of prayer. Then I will have the laborers work for, and be insured by, my Christian Scientist. They will be allowed to pray for themselves cheaply, or, if they can afford the deductibles, they can have all the fancy fixins. Of course, only those who spring for the extras, and always tithe 10%+ to their employer, will ever be successful enough to get promoted. It’s the perfect way to help yourself while helping your Lord, while getting paid to boot! Everyone will want to sign up once I invent my next religion. hmmmmm… why stop there?

Today’s Important Petitions


End the drug war in Lat Am!

Now, for the first time in history, Latin American leaders are pushing for a new approach that could finally deliver results. In 24 hours, Guatemala will bring together the Heads of State of the region to push for a new proposal that gives countries freedom to buck the failed doctrine and adopt drug policies like those that have worked successfully in Europe.

http://www.timeforaraise.org/ – Mentioned today by Nader on Democracy Now @ http://www.democracynow.org/2013/6/4/american_fascism_ralph_nader_decries_how

Good for workers and the economy

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25, way below the unrealistically low federal poverty definition of $18,123 per year for a family of three. Adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage in 1968 would be above $10.50 per hour.
An increase in the minimum wage would help tens of millions of Americans currently struggling to make ends meet.
Enough is enough. It’s time for a raise.


Pledge – Military Survivors of Sexual Assault Deserve Justice


Whistleblower Bradley Manning has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he should receive it.


Protect Appalachia from Destructive Mountaintop Removal


Say No To De-Listing Of Bears And Wolves


End Taxpayer Funded Wildlife Killing