Today’s Important Petitions

End the drug war in Lat Am!

Now, for the first time in history, Latin American leaders are pushing for a new approach that could finally deliver results. In 24 hours, Guatemala will bring together the Heads of State of the region to push for a new proposal that gives countries freedom to buck the failed doctrine and adopt drug policies like those that have worked successfully in Europe. – Mentioned today by Nader on Democracy Now @

Good for workers and the economy

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25, way below the unrealistically low federal poverty definition of $18,123 per year for a family of three. Adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage in 1968 would be above $10.50 per hour.
An increase in the minimum wage would help tens of millions of Americans currently struggling to make ends meet.
Enough is enough. It’s time for a raise.

Pledge – Military Survivors of Sexual Assault Deserve Justice

Whistleblower Bradley Manning has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he should receive it.

Protect Appalachia from Destructive Mountaintop Removal

Say No To De-Listing Of Bears And Wolves

End Taxpayer Funded Wildlife Killing

“The Great Spirit or Great Mystery is generally believed to be personal, close to the people, and immanent in the fabric of the material world. Lakotah prayers refer to him as Grandfather; however, not all Nations assign gender, or only one gender, to the Great Mystery.” …

Spider Grandmother is the creative agency among the Hopi who personally created the four “colors” of mankind. She attributes to the Sun the power of Creation of all things and origin of all spiritual wisdom and in this way the Sun becomes the living manifestation for the Hopi of the Great Mystery which is personally “known” as Sotuknang:[5]

It is a wholly independent concept which acknowledges real-life physical interdependence and relationships between the real physical Sun and all things in the web of Creation as opposed to allegorical symbolism prevalent in the Middle Eastern or African national (ethnic, not political) religions. In Hopi tradition, life is defined as a process of change and prevailing and persistent human concepts across time are known as distinct “worlds.” This concept of life as a process of change is so prevalent that a person is acknowledged as a new identity each day and there is no such thing as a static personal identity upon which to create such static speculative religious concepts as an eternal Heaven or Hell as a “final destination.” The spiritual teachings to the Hopi attributed to Sotuknang are functionally equivalent to those of the Great Mystery as “known” by all other Turtle Island nations in that they specifically guide the individual and the nation as opposed to creating the speculative religious framework for universalism, conquest and domination enshrined in a ritualistic faith or dogmatic religion.[6]