My Logos vers. 4

My Logos vers. 4

Allness exists; if not yet? then when it evolves.
When it evolves enough, will transcends space and time, be space-time.
All the ‘Universes’ are one.
So, Allness is Being, here and now.
Being Is Allness always, every where, when, one.


How the West Created the Islamic State » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

How the West Created the Islamic State » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.
This brings together various and diverse sources, of very differing types of authority, to really back up a point of view often based purely on conjecture or the tendency to apply all evidence to a conspiracy theory.

Blacklisted: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

Greenwald and Snowden release a blockbuster, the document stipulating the process of being listed on the screen list, the suspect list, the no fly list, but not subsequent “upgrade” to even nastier lists.

via Blacklisted: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist.

“The list of government entities that collect this data includes the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is neither an intelligence nor law-enforcement agency. As the rulebook notes, USAID funds foreign aid programs that promote environmentalism, health care, and education. USAID, which presents itself as committed to fighting global poverty, nonetheless appears to serve as a conduit for sensitive intelligence about foreigners. According to the guidelines, “When USAID receives an application seeking financial assistance, prior to granting, these applications are subject to vetting by USAID intelligence analysts at the TSC.” The guidelines do not disclose the volume of names provided by USAID, the type of information it provides, or the number and duties of the “USAID intelligence analysts.””

Near the end, it explains how newly list people can end up getting back to the US on an exemption, not knowing they can never leave.

Full pdf @

All 3 Silly WI Governor’s Race Ads This Week.

Most people I know will get a kick out of this, one way or another.
It’s Scott Walker that takes the cake this week for irony, according to Kos.
MJS just found it unusual.

A Democrat finally mentions Scott Walker’s “$3.6 million Doyle deficit” comes from Walker cutting taxes on the rich, in response to a silly Walker ad.
This is the first time I’ve heard about this from the mouth of a Democrat, ever since Scotty started blaming the Dems in his second week. Still, no mention that it only took him a couple days, or that he then launched directly into blaming Doyle, or that Doyle actually left a surplus. I’m no big fan of Doyle, for a number of reasons, mostly because he belongs to a party that leaves such little details on the cutting room floor.

Notice the title of Mary’s ad. It’s official, Reagan Democrats no longer abandon the Dems, they run strong campaigns for major offices, and usually win.
Not that I won’t vote for her, but the first thing she does that makes me glad no Green wanted to run against her, reminds me why one should have. Well at least I took my chance to vote against her in the primary by choosing someone with a greener background.
Pretty ironic, I want to run Green to defend the record of a Dem! One that I particularly disliked.

Gov. Scott Walker, Mary Burke both release unusual ads

Scott Walker’s Ad:

Mary Burke’s Ad:

American Bridge 21st Century’s Ad:
Scott Walker’s Ditch

Scott Walker’s ‘Comeback’ ad quickly parodied by liberal PAC

Scott Walker Just Stabbed Irony in the Back (+ More John Doe News – UPDATE)

Permissions for whether an embed of Walker’s ad work has changed at least twice since being posted.
When I started writing this the embed in the MJS article did not work, then it did.
Hence, I listed the YouTube address.

Time To Feed Terror War, Ignorance, Climate Change

The only solution is not to solve the problem of people hating us because we casually do things like bomb them, by bombing them.
Better sooner than later, but much better late than never.

An alternative? EDUCATE! heal, feed, water, air, first us, then “them”.
It’s not complicated, what we NEED is to understand ourselves, the things we make and do, and our implications.
Starting with knowing which 2 things we do makes less warming.
Not much we do can counter the climate devastation of a bombing war’s fuel spent.
Green houses and composting are the only things we do, shown to cool the planet, and sequester CO2, respectively.
Ironic that composting for greenhouses is the best solution we have for The Greenhouse Effect.

Allness loves us with great poetic irony.
But we beat all when “we” make war on what war makes.

Who Cares To know Who We’re Bombing?

The Redacted Team has been watching CNN and Fox News – so you don’t have to.
John F. O’Donnell profits from taking money out of politics, and Sam Sacks becomes militant about the militarization of police.
Obama asks for $500 million to train, equip Syrian rebels – YouTube.
What to do if people hate you? bomb them.
What gets rid of all terror? being bombed.
How do you fix a broken TV? bomb it.
Feeling insecure? bomb someone, it doesn’t matter who.
Freakin commiepinkoliberalhippiereactionaryfundamentalistmuslimterroristanarch? bomb ‘em all.
We’re exceptionally unique, the only country that has no idea who they are bombing at a given time.
It’s because we can’t let the world suffer terror, everywhere.

Just wait till you’re not sure if it was your thought, or the drone swarms’.
(Just wait until the microbot swarms don’t know if it’s corporate orders, or your mind hack.*)
* Ask Monte, I don’t get some of this stuff either.

On Vietnam, Afghanistan, Caliphates, and US

It’s not about what’s our business. It’s about stupid.

The Vietnamese were Chinese who moved across the frontier. They spoke the same language, and China spent 50 years failing to levee taxes, next door, on their kin. For proof of concept, they tried again for 200 years, before admitting defeat. Then the French could not hold it, so they asked for our help. It didn’t help, so we went in to do it for them. We blew up our own ship to justify it. Kinda stupid.

But that lesson in hubris was not enough.

Alexander THE Great was following the trail of natural resources. When he got to the foothills to the North, instead; he turned East, to the (not so) puny kingdoms of India. Ghengis the Great KHAN, the man with more descendants than handfuls of any other men, rode around it on both sides.
It stopped the South-Eastern advance of the Rus’s sphere of influence and trade, and Russia too.
At the height of their power and hubris, the British drew a line around it and said, this is Afghanistan, the only place on Earth of no interest to Europe.
We suckered our only rival great military power in, and armed and trained their unconquerable opponents. The Soviet Union crumbled within and without, and was no more, because they couldn’t take the mountains next door.

So, naturally, “WE” said, “hey that looks like a great hill to build a pipeline over!”

Yes, we are exceptional, idiots.
We were afraid there might come a new Caliphate, so naturally, we made one.

Meanwhile all we really seem to care about is buying ammo for Israel, so they can use a weapons system we can’t afford, to target shoot mostly at children, and some model rocket enthusiasts, in the world’s largest prison camp, while making sure no one calls it a war crime.

First we spend all our political capital on looking stupid. Then we want to spend more on explaining how exceptional we are. Problem is, we have succeeded in convincing most of the world, including most of ourselves, because mostly we’re pretty bright and well informed as a people.

But we’re also distracted, and well lied too, so we all know the truth about how sublimely exceptional we really are.

Exceptionally, not dumb, nor ignorant, but willfully, with commitment, and way too much effort and cost, the hardest working ever, most STOOOOOOPID!



That ticking you hear in the background, it’s a global alarm clock set to go off quite soon.
Go back to sleep, you need some rest.

Secured Your Rights Lately?

In case you’re confused about which of our Bill of Rights is in danger, it is now a list of rights that individual cops and corporations have, which would make any English king in history cream his codpiece.
In case that’s not clear enough, in case there’s one of them you haven’t used lately without complying with corporate fascist agendas, you have no rights that matter.
Just because they seem to apply to people like you, means nothing. When we pick and choose who rights apply to, there are no rights.
The same applies to nations under international law.
Oops, think you lost something?

Sixteen Ferguson Livestreams

Sixteen Ferguson video streams ordered by most recent streaming time and many other criteria, and five 24 x 7 sources.
Above the second dashed line, original coverage of 2:30AM 19th press conference, those between dashed lines were then cloning “I am Mike Brown”.

Rebroadcast of Ferguson PD police scanner – 24 x 7 – 24 x 7

I am Mike Brown 43,812 watching, 9076 following

Live Remixing by MakaElectric from GLP 1395 viewers

RealAlexJones w/ Joe Biggs and Jakari Jackson
5146/1,472,000  viewers, 2531 followers

GlobalRevolution 613 viewers


ActivistWorldNewsNow 890 viewers, with ad

@sarahkiliff on Vox

CivilianMediaTV 90 viewers


19,717 views, 141 following, off approx. 12:00AM

Feelinsofly 24,667 views, 174 followers, 5 hrs ago

mokscopblock 323 views, 22 followers, 6 hrs ago

CREDO’s Ferguson Justice LIVE
5,553 views,511 subscribers, 1 hour ago (but still dusk)

revAndujo 4,662 views, 60 followers, 11 hrs ago

Tim Pool 67,828 Views, 28,349 followers, 24 hrs ago

Carol’s iPhone 17,041 views, 438 followers, a day ago

Tom’s Iphone 378 views, 109 followers, a day ago

Joel Anderson 2 days ago, 43,818 loops

#Ferguson Twitter Feed – 24 x 7

#FergusonLivestream – 24 x 7

Rebroadcast of Ferguson PD police scanner – 24 x 7

STL County Police Scanners – 24 x 7

thanx for this list that helped locate many of these, @

CALL White House Situation Room 202-456-9451 !!! tell them to back off the DHS, or whatever you wanna say!!!

EPA Prosecutions of Corporate Environmental Crimes @ 0.05%

I’ve known this since the early 80s. The EPA prosecution budget is so small that it cannot prosecute but 1% (it’s declined over the 3 decades due to anti-regulatory rhetoric and legislation) of the well confirmed and re-verifiable volunteer reported crimes (the investigatory budget hardly exists at all). To those involved in exposing these crimes on slim nonprofit budgets, and the curious who have known them, it’s been 3 decades of WTF! right from the start.

It’s about time this made news, thank you the Crime Report, a publication of the Center on Media, Crime and Justice at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, and again.

You are the only ones who will cover this story.


Mind, Democracy, Freedom, Revolution, Consensus, People, You and Yours

Democracy is in the mind of the people. The most glorious and effective field of battle for revolution is between your own ears. Freedom is a state of mind. Real democracy is all about finding the mistake the most people will learn from. Be the person, the media, the politician, you want to see. Then it becomes clear how we all agree.

Seek, and lay the grounds to find, the greater consensus with all those around you.

Elaboration On Isms RE: My Previous Post

More on Capitalism:

It’s not that we need to tolerate capitalism, what I’m saying is that capitalism is dying. 21st tech levels the field, we have more and more alternatives, and the cut and dry nature of the choice to go non corporate is obvious to more all the time. We can’t kill an idea, any more than others can kill our ideas. “Has got to go”, go where? Capitalism is walking wounded, waiting to die. When was the last time the new world order didn’t fail miserably?

The point is that it is our minds that are the problem, and that it is our minds that are the easiest thing to change. You can hate, fear, and think and talk about capital all you want, but it will only stop you from making progress.

Collectively, we have a serious political problem until such time as an effective means of collective self governance by direct democracy and consensus seeking becomes half baked. This will happen, but for us to be ready to use it we must imagine it.

The system, whether capitalist or not, is not ready for what must, and will soon happen, but as long as we focus on what is wrong rather than on how to make it right, and that all power ultimately derives from us human people, we are badly muffing up.

More on Marxism and Ideology in General:

You can’t on the one hand say that Marx didn’t author centralized planning, and on the other claim a 150 year old ideology is prepared for 21st century possibilities and needs.

I think the dominant culture of dominance has given us a world where ideology is dead because critical terms of political ideology have become so misconstrued and variously defined that the science of mass action is no science or mass action at all. We don’t have the lifetimes that sorting out that mess would take, nor do we really need to have those debates. We must transcend capitalism, and capital as we know it as well. We must transcend ideology, and politics as they have been known to date.

I look at Marxism exactly like Marx did, when he told the the first Marxist book club why he would not speechify for them. He said, “Because I’m not a Marxist”. Then he went on to say that things change, including his opinion, and that he cannot agree with a group that agrees with any/everything he’s ever written.

A big part of what went wrong with the 20th Cent. is that we let robots of ideological “logic” dictate not only the terms of the debate, but the hatred and killing of the other side. Like coyotes, the more of us you shoot down, the more we breed. Very similar to capitalism itself, the “system” of ideological war incentivized behaving badly towards each other rather than doing otherwise.

The problem isn’t the unions or the bosses, the reds or the financialist class, but a system that pits the interests of one against the other, based on bad assumptions about human nature and possibilities. A system that always produces losers who desire to become winners by struggling against the winners.

Our Tools and Culture VS Humanity:

Marx did not address the issues of toolage, cultural, like corps, or otherwise, like communication and decision taking. He did not discuss the issue of who runs our world, our tools, or humans. This is not a failing on the part of a denizen of the 19th century. Our relationship with our toolage has become a bit of a contest for power, and we need to make a more human culture, to make more human tools, before they become conscious enough to wake up to the impending doom for robotic “thinking”. Do not be fooled, in a decade or two no human institution will resemble it’s current form. The only real question at hand is are we going to become one monster robot that is no longer virtual, or are we going to become human.


We need to take a step back and site the puny history and scale of human politics in a planetary frame, and realize we are all in the same boat together.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for capitalism to sell you this, because by then the drones will be inside you and you will be part off the formally imaginary monster robot, and they will mean it, they will NEED you to be more human, but it will be a lost cause.

Ismists are not prepared for a be your own expert, post ideological world, but the rest of us free thinking reasonable human types are. Ism-ism is the issue. The cult of personality, the cult of ideology, they cult of handing your very life over to authorities and specialists who only know about one thing, are as dead and dying as capitalism and representative “democracy”. Those humans who survive the current repercussions of collective human behaviors will know this, or they simply will not be.


It boils down to whether you want to focus on the problem or the solution, I figure after about 40-45 years for me, and life or death for the kids today, it’s time for the later. It’s already far to late for millions of other species.


On Crapitalism, Marx, and the Green Party

You don’t have to read Marx to understand the need to eradicate exploitation.
You don’t have to hate and fear capitalists to have a future.
Alt. currency, barter, local economies, permaculture, DIY, be media, open crowd source collaboration, 3D printing, Co-Ops, the list of ways you need to make corporations irrelevant are all around us.  What WE need is to reign in their complete power to define our political debate and it’s outcomes so we can change the laws to allow them to act human.

Capitalists are people too. It’s not the capitalist, it’s the system that rewards sociopathy and conspiracy above all else, the legal culture that insists everything should be owned by immortal imaginary “legal fictions of persons”  badly programmed only to be monster virtual robots.

It’s not even the corporations, per se, but recent laws which have given them rights and powers superior to any others. It started barely more than a century ago, when the amendment meant to free the slaves was applied to corporations, some of which had been slave holders, instead of too the humans it was intended to apply to, by a court stenographer. But the real issues are much more recent like the laws from the 70s that were intended to protect the retirement funds of the average worker, which required a primacy of the quarterly return in all decision making, selling all our futures to bad virtual robotics to secure our futures.

I probably don’t really need to mention recent SCROTUS decisions to equate dollars and the right to speech, then to specify that such rights apply esp. to corporations, and yes, especially when it comes to controlling the political debate and it’s outcomes, like writing legislation and deciding what the message of your “representative” will be. Here I thought coming up that we could do better than representation, and that someday soon we would have the means to apply direct democracy, kids are so naive!

All we have to do is tweak the laws a bit, which simply means voting such that it’s hard to convince us we did not elect representatives of the immortal imaginary virtual monster robots. If the Green Party can find a way to do it (elect candidates that take no corp money, and propose a sane human majority supported platform, then the rest of this country can also find a way ).

It’s not the corporations, it’s the way we program them, then let them program us.

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% – ex CIA spy | Nafeez Ahmed | Environment |

“Open Source Everything makes truth rather than violence the currency of power.”

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% – ex CIA spy | Nafeez Ahmed | Environment |

“The one unlimited resource we have on the planet is the human brain – the current strategy of 1% capitalism is failing because it is killing the Golden Goose at multiple levels. Unfortunately, the gap between those with money and power and those who actually know what they are talking about has grown catastrophic.”

“We don’t need to wait around for someone else to get started. All of us who recognize the vitality of this possibility can begin creating these new grassroots structures from the bottom-up, right now.”

“Open Source Everything overturns top-down ‘because I say so at the point of a gun’ power. Open Source Everything makes truth rather than violence the currency of power. Open Source Everything demands that true cost economics and the indigenous concept of ‘seventh generation thinking’ – how will this affect society 200 years ahead – become central. Most of our problems today can be traced to the ascendance of unilateral militarism, virtual colonialism, and predatory capitalism, all based on force and lies and encroachment on the commons. The national security state works for the City of London and Wall Street – both are about to be toppled by a combination of Eastern alternative banking and alternative international development capabilities, and individuals who recognise that they have the power to pull their money out of the banks and not buy the consumer goods that subsidise corruption and the concentration of wealth. The opportunity to take back the commons for the benefit of humanity as a whole is open – here and now.” …

Why “Can’t Make Ends Meet” Trumps “Poverty” | Blog |

Why “Can’t Make Ends Meet” Trumps “Poverty” | Blog |

Three selected out of order quotes:

2. “I am first and foremost an organizer. For me, it’s truly inspiring to see results that clearly show how we can and should talk about real people’s lives in a way that gives them agency and acknowledges their struggles. It shows that we really can unify groups of people in a way that allows all of us to unite in common effort.”

1. “…nouns are failing us in this space and we need to move to verbs. What I mean is, we’ve traditionally cataloged and mobilized people based on shared identity: immigrant, queer, African American, woman. Now, we’re seeing that since “poor” is such a reviled category, people who arguably belong in that designation don’t want to claim that label. So, we need to engage them with the language they’re ready to not just accept but feel empowered to proclaim. And that takes verbs.”

3. “It’s much too easy to talk about poverty while excluding poor people — whether intentional or not — from conversations that are entirely about the quality and quantity of their days. It’s past time for people who are poor to reclaim the narrative and tell their own stories so that we can then have a real conversation about what actually contributes to economic success or failure in America.”

Duopoly Can’t See

Duopoly can’t even think about rigged polling machines, much less speak up and do something about it. Privatization, like a stake through the heart of citizenship, proprietary private vote counting software!
That and Duopoly “Reps” all having mostly the same owner-operators are all we should hammer on. They are the core of a deep illegitimacy and break with the social compact that the “powerful” cannot look in the eye, unless you count the guys who run Diebold et cetera. The only things that even come close are quantitative easing, too big to fail, borrowing our money from bankers so they can borrow it back to us so we can borrow some from them, sometimes (The Fed.), corporate rights, petrochem subsidies, spending all our money on mass death, and that little rapidly shaping up to be the worst mass extinction event thingy.
The Green Party has it in our Platform:

1. Democracy 
A. Political Reform
1. Electoral Reform …..
“2. Reducing corruption and promoting good government
a. Develop publicly-owned, open source voting equipment and deploy it across the nation to ensure high national standards, performance, transparency and accountability, and use verifiable paper ballots.
b. Establish guarantees that every citizen’s vote counts, and that all U.S. voting systems — including electronic ones — are verifiable, transparent and accurate.”

via (8) Anita Stewart – Anita Stewart shared The War You Don’t See, a Film….